Client Rights and Responsibilities

Hospice Huronia looks to provide Comfort, Care, Compassion that respects the rights of the Client and Caregiver(s).

You have the right to:

  1. be actively involved in your own care or service,
  2. be treated in a way that respects your dignity, needs and preferences including ethnic, spiritual, language, family and cultural values,
  3. live any way you choose without judgment from Hospice Huronia providers. This includes your right to live at risk,
  4. make your own choices and refuse any care or service that you feel is not right for you,
  5. ask any questions you have about your care and service until you understand the answer,
  6. choose someone to make your decisions for you about your care and service if you are not able to make your own decisions,
  7. get information that you may need to help you make decisions about your plan of care or service. If you speak another language, have a physical or mental disability, or just don't understand something, we will make every effort to get you help so you can make informed health care choices,
  8. have someone with you for support,
  9. complain when you are not happy with any of the care and services you get from Hospice Huronia. Any complaints you make will not be held against you in any way and your Hospice Huronia provider will make sure you have the information you need to complain,
  10. get a quick answer to any complaints or questions you have,
  11. have everything you talk about kept private, unless Hospice Huronia providers are required by law to report it, which is only in very few situations,
  12. say no to any health research,
  13. receive Hospice Huronia services regardless of your sex, sexual orientation, or illness.

As a client you also have responsibilities, Hospice Huronia wants you and your caregiver(s) to:

  1. plan your own care and service with us,
  2. work with us to help you meet the goals of your care and service,
  3. learn about your own health,
  4. let us know when you have questions, worries, or a problem,
  5. let us know if you cannot be home when your visit is scheduled or when you cannot make an appointment,
  6. give us up to date information you have about any changes,
  7. treat Hospice Huronia providers with respect and in a way that does not put them in situations of abuse or danger,
  8. make sure Hospice Huronia providers can do their job safely. For example:
    1. have soap and water for them to wash their hands,
    2. do not smoke before or during a visit,
    3. keep pets secured in another room,
    4. watch young children
    5. have snow and ice removed at the door and on pathways to your door
    6. leave outside lights on if the visit is at night
    7. look for other risks in your home that might put the Hospice Huronia provider (or you!) in danger,
  9. try to reduce the risks in your home to make it safer for your health, like:
    1. ask questions about your medications,
    2. store and use medications as instructed,
    3. make sure stairs have rails and no broken boards,
    4. keep loose rugs out of the way of the places you walk,
    5. move items out of the way that might make you trip or fall,
    6. be aware of fire risks and have a plan in case of fire,
    7. have a working smoke detector,
    8. ask your Hospice Huronia provider to help you identify things in your home to make it safer.