Conflict Resolution - External


Hospice Huronia is committed to providing an environment where individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. This policy provides individuals with an outlet to raise concerns regarding any conflict or dissatisfaction relating to their interaction with staff or volunteers. Under no circumstance should any individual fear discrimination or reprisal as a result of the filing of a complaint.


Hospice Huronia encourages individuals to bring their complaints forward and will strive to address them with reasonable solutions. Complaints may vary in nature and include, but are not limited to:

Perceived unfair or inequitable treatment such as:

  • A decision by the hospice that a person is not eligible for its services
  • A decision by the hospice to exclude a particular service from the plan of care
  • Discontinuation of service
  • The quality of services provided
  • Harassment whether sexual, discriminatory or personal in nature.
  • Abuse of authority



  • Individuals are encouraged to discuss any situation with the Program Coordinator or Executive Director.
  • In the event that a discussion is not feasible or fails to reach a reasonable resolution, a formal complaint may be filed.
  • Regardless of the outcome of any discussion, resolution, or moving forward with a formal complaint, the discussion and outcome will be documented and added to the individual's file.

Formal Complaint

  • Complainants should record the details of the situation, the names of any applicable witnesses, and any attempts made to resolve the issue.
  • Formal complaints stemming from unresolved conflicts should be submitted in writing with any pertinent documentation to the Executive Director with a copy to the Chair of the Board.

Note: It is recognized that in some cases a written complaint may be difficult for the individual or they may require the assistance of an advocate. Hospice Huronia will make every attempt to accommodate individuals in the complaint process.


All complaints will be investigated by the Program Director or higher authority

  • The complainant will be contacted within 48 hours acknowledging their complaint and advising of the action to be taken in dealing with the complaint.
  • The Executive Director and/or the Board Chair will be advised of all formal complaints.

The Executive Director and/or Board Chair will contact the complainant within 5 working days and provide in writing, a solution or an explanation of further action to be taken. Ongoing weekly contact will be maintained until an outcome has been reached.


If a satisfactory outcome is reached, the resolution will be documented and added to the individual's file.

If a satisfactory outcome is not reached, a review by the Board of Directors may be requested.


Hospice Huronia shall keep on file all formal complaints, and the accompanying documentation, and the findings of any investigation and they will be attached to the file associated with the client/volunteer or staff member.

Information from a previous investigation resulting in a substantiated complaint may be used for review and consideration purposes in the event of a new allegation.