Hospice Huronia Announces 3 Upcoming Programs

Bereavement Support for Parents - Starting March 8, 2018 and runs for 4 weekshttps://www.hospicehuronia.ca/event.php?id=198
Programme de jour ���tre bien�� - Le programme est offert EN FRAN�AIS le dernier jeudi de chaque mois de 9h00 � 12h00https://www.hospicehuronia.ca/event.php?id=204
Bereavement Program - Starting April 6, 2018 and runs for 10 weekshttps://www.hospicehuronia.ca/event.php?id=188

Please view our Events Calendar for information on all programs currently being offered at our location. Events Calendar

Contact Christine Preston at 705 549-1034 or christine.preston@hospice simcoe.ca for information on all of our programs and to enroll in the Bereavement Programs.